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 We are constructing this web page and updating it with fix programs for virus that attack our systems.


1. Click on the link of the removal tool to the right of the name of virus. 

2. Check "Save this program to Disk." 

3. Download to the desktop of your local hard drive. 

4. Disconnect your computer from the network.

4. Close all programs before running the tool. 

In case you have any problems please call extension 2140.

Thanks for your cooperation.



Threat Tool
Netsky  removal tool
MyDoom  removal tool
Novarg  removal tool
Goner  removal tool
Love Letter Virus  removal tool
BadTrans  removal tool
Klez  removal tool
Welch  removal tool
W32.Mytob.AR@mm  removal tool
W32.Mytob.@mm  removal tool
April 1st Conficker  removal tool
Trojan.Ramvicrype  removal tool 
For more removal tools please check the Symantec Removal Tool Site
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